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For more than 100 years, Catholic Charities has been providing compassionate, competent and professional services, seven days a week, to anyone in need, strengthening and supporting individuals, families and communities. The Voice of Charity helps further this mission, with engaging conversations about important issues affecting our clients, and the world around us.    
Katie Bredemann and Phil Zepeda host The Voice of Charity.  Their knowledge, experience and compassion for others informs and inspires listeners each week. Join us, LIVE each Tuesday mornings at 8:30 on WNDZ, 750 AM. 

Immigration & Naturalization Services

Tuesday, October 5, 2021
As one of the largest human services organizations in the Midwest, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago assists hundreds of immigrants and refugees each year, accompanying them on their journey to becoming as self-sufficient as possible. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Nancy Gavilanes, Director of Catholic Charities Immigration & Naturalization Services to discuss how Catholic Charities helps immigrants and refugees navigate complex legal issues, employment concerns and family adjustments as they establish new lives in Chicago.

Behavioral Health Initiatives

Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Catholic Charities Behavioral Health Services department has seen a significant increase in the number of people seeking assistance over the past year, with the pandemic creating anxiety, fear and uncertainty worldwide. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Hector Rivera, Senior Department of the Youth Counseling Department, and Michel Lopez-Tinoco, Clinical Manager, Youth & Family Therapeutic Services Program, who will share an update on their programs that are trying to help individuals and families establish positive mental health strategies for life.

Roseland Adolescent Parenting Program

Tuesday, September 14, 2021
While all of Catholic Charities programs and services are life-affirming, the Roseland Adolescent Parenting Program is especially designed to support unborn children, and children up to age 3, along with their mothers. RAPP helps young women grow in their skills as competent, educated mothers, which helps them fulfill their goals of happier, more stable lives. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Shavon Parker, RAPP Program Director, and Jessica Allen Porter, RAPP Program Supervisor to discuss how RAPP is helping to build strong communities, one family at a time.

Team Catholic Charities In The 2021 AIDS Walk/Run

Tuesday, September 7, 2021
All are cordially invited to join Team Catholic Charities in the 2021 AIDS Walk/Run on October 2nd. It is easier than ever to participate this year. HIV/AIDS continue to affect the lives of 45,000 people in Illinois, and 90% of the proceeds raised from our team participation will go directly towards Catholic Charities programs and services that support people struggling with these debilitating conditions. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Ashley Styx, Program Director for Community Casework in Lake County to preview this special event.

A Special Story From Post-Adoption Services

Tuesday, August 31, 2021
For 91 years, Catholic Charities headquarters at 721 N. LaSalle Street was the site of St. Vincent’s Orphanage, a loving home for children, and unwed mothers run by the Daughters of Charity. Catholic Charities Post-Adoption Services continues to receive inquiries regularly from adults who were adopted from St. Vincent’s, as more and more people become interested in their ancestry. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Julie Ryan McGue and Lisa Francis to discuss Julie’s inspiring journey, with her twin sister, pursuing information on their own family heritage.


Tuesday, August 24, 2021
Catholic Charities Latino Affairs promotes our programs and services to Latino/Latinx residents in Cook and Lake counties, through community outreach and education. In recent months, these efforts have expanded, internationally, in support of COVID-19 vaccinations. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Cary Rositas-Sheftel, Ph.D., Director of Catholic Charities Latino/Latinx Affairs to discuss the innovative ways her department continues to respond to the needs of the Latino community as the pandemic evolves.


Tuesday, August 17, 2021
For more than 40 years, Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program has been a beacon of hope in the lives of refugees who are starting their lives over in Chicago, after fleeing persecution in their home countries. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes ELMIDA KULOVIC, Director of Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program to discuss the status of the program this summer, and the many ways Catholic Charities works to ease the burdens of our refugee neighbors.


Tuesday, August 10, 2021
In recent months, a primary goal for Catholic Charities South and Southwest Regions has been to reconnect in-person with clients, whenever possible to listen and offer assistance to them. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Regional Director Christopher Torres, Project Manager Carol Petersen and Advisory Board Member Christine Collins to discuss this, and other great things happening in Catholic Charities South & Southwest Regions this summer, in support of our clients.


Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Catholic Charities has a long history of serving veterans in need. Today, our veteran services include a comprehensive program to help veterans find and maintain employment, through job readiness training, resume writing assistance, mock interviews, and job placement counseling. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Bernie Gresham and Mitch Siegel to discuss how Catholic Charities is helping veterans achieve their career goals in Cook and Lake counties.


Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Noreen Russo has worked at Catholic Charities for 15 years. Rising to leadership positions in a number of key service areas, Noreen always has her focus on clients’ immediate needs, and working with colleagues across the agency to offer clients hope for a brighter future. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Noreen Russo, Associate Director of Board Relations and Mission Engagement to discuss her many contributions toward furthering the mission of Catholic Charities.


Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Seniors are very important to us at Catholic Charities. We continue to listen to the needs expressed by our seniors, and respond with comprehensive services that help seniors live independently and access additional resources, as needed, in their homes and communities. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Mary Ann Bibat, Catholic Charities Vice-President, Senior Services to discuss how our senior programs continue to enhance the lives of seniors throughout Cook and Lake counties.


Tuesday, July 13, 2021
Catholic Charities Tuesday Night Suppers offer guests the opportunity to come to 721 N. LaSalle Street and be served a hot meal. Many of these guests are homeless or nearly homeless. Due to our wonderful restaurant partners and some incredibly dedicated volunteers, the Tuesday Night Suppers continued every week throughout the pandemic, on a To-Go basis. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Program Manager Emily Lewis & volunteer Peggy White to discuss how the Tuesday Night Suppers keep offering nutritious meals, and friendship to our neighbors whom we have the privilege to serve.


Tuesday, July 6, 2021
LOSS is a Catholic Charities non-denominational program that supports individuals who are grieving the loss of a loved one by suicide. For more than 40 years, LOSS has been offering a safe, non-judgmental environment where survivors can find community, direction and resources for healing. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Deborah Major and Emily Tegenkamp to discuss how the LOSS program was able to stay connected, and provide support to the entire LOSS Family throughout the pandemic.


Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Catholic Charities programs operate throughout Cook and Lake counties under the direction of six regional directors. They have worked tirelessly over the past year to keep their vital services going for people in need. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Adriana Kelly, Director of Catholic Charities North & Northwest Suburban Regional Office, to discuss recent developments serving clients in the North Suburban and the Far North City areas of Cook County.


Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Catholic Charities Child Care Programs offer a safe, educational environment for children to come to, often while their parents are at work. At these centers, our primary population of low-income, working mothers find much-needed Child Care assistance, and have the opportunity to learn about Catholic Charities Case Management that can help them as they strive for greater self-sufficiency. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Diane Rodriguez to discuss how the Child Care centers are faring after the pandemic, and the new opportunities that they are offering this summer.


Tuesday, June 15, 2021
The Voice of Charity is delighted to welcome back several Home Depot executives who have generously donated materials, and volunteer efforts this spring to completely renovate the landscaping at Catholic Charities House of Good Shepherd, our domestic violence shelter for women and children who have escaped unsafe circumstances in their homes. Join Katie Bredemann as he/she welcomes Gary Hutchinson, Joe Dandan and HGS Development Director Nancy Haws to discuss the impact of this wonderful project, and how giving back to the community is inherent in the Home Depot corporate philosophy.


Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Catholic Charities St. Leo Campus for Veterans is a safe, supportive housing option for veterans in the Auburn Gresham Community. St. Leo’s is just one of the ways Catholic Charities offers support to the 20,000 veterans who come to us for assistance each year, as they work to become as self-sufficient as possible. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes David Dempsey, Program Director for St. Leo’s and Kimberly Brown, a veteran and St. Leo’s resident to discuss the ways in which St. Leo’s has continued to help veterans and their families this year.


Tuesday, June 1, 2021
For nineteen years, Catholic Charities After Supper Visions program has been helping vulnerable individuals in Chicago grow in their skills as photographers. Incredible talent that has been discovered, and all who participate find support and encouragement from dedicated volunteers. Join Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Fr. Wayne Watts, Associate Administrator for Catholic Charities and Noreen Russo, Associate Director of Mission Engagement to preview a very special After Supper Visions virtual event on Friday, June 4th celebrating all of the artists’ achievements.


Tuesday, May 11, 2021
The 27th Annual Charities Golf Classic will be held July 19. This popular all-day gathering raises critical funds for Catholic Charities Lake County programs and services, which assist more than 60,000 residents each year. Join guest host Katie Bredemann as she welcomes Matt Davis and Ashley Styx to preview the golf outing, and discuss how the event proceeds will be used to respond to the needs of clients who are struggling more than ever this year.


Tuesday, May 4, 2021
We conclude our 3-part series on MOTHERHOOD today with a first-hand account of the plight of mothers who are coming to Catholic Charities Food Pantries for assistance this year. Family Stabilization Supervisor Sharon Holmes has made many adjustments to keep eight Catholic Charities Food Pantries in Chicago operating to their greatest possible extent throughout the pandemic. Join Brigid Murphy as she welcomes Sharon to discuss how the Food Pantries are currently doing, and Sharon will share stories of courage and resilience from the mothers she has met this year.


Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Our 3-part series on MOTHERHOOD continues with this special program focused on the encouragement, peace, and love provided to this, and all generations, by the greatest mother of all: The Blessed Virgin Mary. Join Brigid Murphy as she welcomes Reverend Gerard Kelly, C.M., Chaplain of Catholic Charities to discuss how Our Lady’s life on earth, and Her guidance from heaven offer tremendous inspiration to all mothers, fathers, and all who seek Her presence in their lives.


Tuesday, April 20, 2021
The Voice of Charity begins a three-part series celebrating MOTHERHOOD with a special show recognizing Catholic Charities Arts of Living Program. As one of the longest-running programs at the agency, the Arts of Living uses HOME VISITS to help expectant mothers, and mothers of children 0-3 by providing education, guidance and support with basic needs as they work toward greater stability in their lives. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Arts of Living Program Director Constance Upton, and Program Supervisor Danyelle Sloss to discuss the short, and long-term benefits of HOME VISITS during these formative years for all of the participants in this program.


Tuesday, April 13, 2021
In recent weeks, Catholic Charities has been working with numerous civic and health partners to host ten vaccination events in Chicago and its suburbs, with additional events planned soon. These events often have been in communities that have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Catholic Charities Southwest Regional Director Marilu Gonzalez to discuss the positive impact that these vaccination events have had, and teamwork that has made them possible.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: The Pandemic No One Is Talking About

Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Catholic Charities is working with Governors State University to broadcast an important virtual conversation on April 9 regarding the prevalence of human trafficking in the Chicago area. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Nancy Mott, a Catholic Charities volunteer, dedicated parishioner, and Certified Illinois Domestic Violence Professional to discuss how religious and secular groups across Chicagoland are helping victims and joining together to stop the spread of these crimes of exploitation.


Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Catholic Charities Junior Board is comprised of caring young professionals who give of their time, talent and treasure to further the mission of the agency. The Junior Board has stayed very active during the pandemic, working in warehouse food distribution, tutoring, and organizing groundbreaking virtual gatherings, such as the Racial Equity Book Club. Join Brigid Murphy as she welcomes Noreen Russo and Gracie Covarrubias to discuss recent Junior Board initiatives and plans for the rest of this year.

Encompassing Center Offers Mental Health Services And More

Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Across the nation, mental health experts have seen a significant increase in the number of people seeking relief from COVID-related concerns such as anxiety, depression, and grief. The Encompassing Center is Chicago is making a positive impact in many people’s lives, offering mental health, substance use programs, and assistance with basic needs to residents of Chicago’s Near West Wise. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Jennifer Smith, Program Director to discuss how The Encompassing Center is all about wellness, and treating guests with respect and dignity.

SCaN Program Helping At-Risk Youth Avoid Community Violence

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
Catholic Charities was recently awarded a grant from the City of Chicago’s Department of Family and Support Services to be one of eight service providers implementing the new Service Coordination and Navigation (SCaN) program to reduce violence in Chicago. Catholic Charities work will be in the Austin community where our Tolton Peace Center opened in 2018. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Associate Vice-President Laura Kuever to discuss how SCaN recognizes the importance of a caring adult in a youth’s life, and is structured accordingly, to help lead youth toward safer, successful lives.

New Leadership & Expanded Programming In Lake County

Tuesday, March 9, 2021
In recent weeks, Catholic Charities of Lake County has welcomed two new leaders to its executive team, and the new Schreiber Center for Human Services has increased its programming. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Thomas Powers, new Chairman of the Lake County Board of Advisors, and Kristen Flanagan, Lake County Regional Project Manager to discuss how Catholic Charities in Lake County continues to innovate and work with community partners to address urgent needs of vulnerable residents.

Volunteer Programs Provide Service & Leadership Opportunities

Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Amate House and the Jesuit Volunteer MAGIS program at Loyola University offer caring young adults the opportunity to gain valuable leadership and service experience while they live in Chicago with other program participants. Catholic Charities is one of the not-for-profit agencies where these young adults volunteer, to learn more about social work and fulfill their program requirements. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Lauren Jhin and Katie Athis to discuss the many ways their program experiences have expanded their knowledge, of themselves, and of the world.

Catholic Charities Welcomes New Chief Program Officer

Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Catholic Charities recently welcomed a new leader to its Executive Team, Ami Novoryta who has begun her tenure as Chief Program Officer. In this role, Ami leads all program services development, design and delivery, to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of clients we serve each year are met with professionalism, respect and compassion. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Ami Novoryta to The Voice of Charity.


Tuesday, February 9, 2021
A new award-winning documentary has been released sharing the life-affirming work done every day at The Chicago Help Initiative (CHI) to help the homeless. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome filmmaker Lucia Mauro and Jacqueline Hayes, founder of CHI to discuss “I Have A Name,” and the constellation of people and organizations working to eradicate poverty and homelessness.


Tuesday, February 2, 2021
Casa Catalina is a vibrant, life-saving Food Pantry in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. Clients can receive a wide range of assistance, because of the dedication and resourcefulness of the staff and volunteers. Sister Joellen Tumas has recently retired after fifteen years of service to Catholic Charities, the past ten of which have been as Director at Casa Catalina. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Sister Joellen to celebrate her remarkable contributions to the agency, and the beautiful spirit of charity that defines Casa Catalina.


Tuesday, January 26, 2021
A disproportionate number of Black and Latinx residents in Lake County have been diagnosed with COVID-19. The African American Community Partnership Group (AACPG) is a grassroots organization that has been using innovative ways to help residents get the information and resources they need to help stop the spread of the virus. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Gale Graves and Demetrius Willis to discuss how community partners, like the AACPG and Catholic Charities are working together to reach all residents and eradicate this disparity.

Corporate Supporter Bank of America

Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Bank of America has been one of Catholic Charities most steadfast corporate supporters for many years. From financial support to employee volunteerism, Bank of America shares our commitment to improving the lives of families and communities, particularly through support for our Family Stabilization Services, Child Development and Domestic Violence programs. Join Marie Jochum and Phil Buta as they welcome Edward J. Brennan to discuss the many ways that Bank of America has worked with Catholic Charities to help fulfill the mission of the agency.

SNAP Leads To Career Opportunities

Tuesday, January 12, 2021
Catholic Charities Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) works with individuals to improve their work skills through short-term training and work assignments. By showing clients how they can earn credentials and gain professional experience, SNAP helps participants reach greater economic self-sufficiency. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Kendrea Atkins and Tina Goodwin to discuss how the SNAP program creates new career possibilities for Catholic Charities clients.

New Years Eve Tradition with Gibsons

Tuesday, January 5, 2021
For the past thirteen years, the iconic Gibsons steakhouse has opened its doors in the New Year to serve Catholic Charities clients a festive and delicious restaurant meal free of charge. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Gibsons is continuing this extraordinary tradition by delivering meals this weekend to seniors and veterans living in Catholic Charities apartment buildings. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Kevin Arnold from Gibsons to discuss how this incredibly generous event has evolved over the years.

Keeping Senior Spirits Bright

Tuesday, December 29, 2020
Catholic Charities Senior Services offers a broad array of programs to help seniors stay in their homes, whenever possible, and lead safe, independent lives. We collaborate with many other agencies to help seniors socialize and get the assistance they need. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy on this special year-end edition of The Voice of Charity, as they welcome Angela Bailey and Robert Boyd to discuss how staff members have found new and creative ways to serve our senior clients in this very challenging year.

O Holy Night

Tuesday, December 22, 2020
Reverend Edward Harnett is a highly-acclaimed biblical scholar, in addition to being a dedicated priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Fr. Harnett has travelled to the Holy Land over a dozen times, taking hundreds of pilgrims to the places where Jesus lived and died. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy on this special Christmas edition of The Voice of Charity, as they welcome Fr. Harnett to discuss the sites in Bethlehem surrounding the Nativity, and learn more about the traditions of each holy place that have been passed on for more than 2000 years.

An Inspiring Family of Volunteers

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Catholic Charities volunteers are compassionate, dedicated, selfless people. It is quite moving when we see a group of volunteers who are committed as we are to the mission of Catholic Charities. It is even more inspiring when a team of volunteers comes from the same family. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy on this special Christmas edition of The Voice of Charity, as they welcome Judy, David, John, Matthew, Tim and Sarah Kendzior, to thank them for their many volunteer contributions, and discuss the positive impact that volunteering has had in their family.

The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Tuesday, December 8, 2020
The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Des Plaines draws over one million visitors from all over the United States each year, with astonishing crowds especially on the OLG feast day, December 12th. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Fr. Esequiel Sanchez, Rector of the shrine, to discuss online plans for the 2020 Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the ways the shrine has adapted throughout this year to respond to the needs of the Hispanic community and all those who revere Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Spirit of St. Nicholas Ball

Tuesday, December 1, 2020
For over thirty years, in December, Catholic Charities has hosted The Spirit of St. Nicholas Ball, an elegant gathering in downtown Chicago to raise crucial funds for our programs that benefit children and families. This year, the ball will be a very special, virtual event on December 4th. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Annie Scully Tumpis and Laura Kuever to preview this fabulous online party, and discuss how Catholic Charities Child, Youth and Family Services have developed new and innovative ways to continue to assist clients throughout 2020.


Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Catholic Charities 73rd Annual Celebration Of Giving unites people from all over Chicagoland in spreading Christmas cheer, providing 25,000 gifts to our neighbors in need who would otherwise have nothing to open Christmas Day. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Andrew McKernin and Allison Loecke to share how the program is going this year, and how listeners can join in this outpouring of kindness that is filled with the Spirit of Christmas!


Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Catholic Charities clients in the Refugee Settlement and LOOM programs are some of the most resilient, talented people we know. They have fled very difficult circumstances in their homelands and are now starting over in Chicago. This year has been especially challenging for them. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Elma Kulovic and Rebecca Hamlin Green to discuss how Catholic Charities Refugee Settlement and LOOM programs have adapted during COVID-19 to continue to offer support to immigrant families who are working hard toward stability, safety and a brighter future for their families.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Corporate partners of Catholic Charities provide vital assistance to our work. They offer wise counsel, encourage their employees to volunteer with us and give invaluable financial support that maintains our life-affirming programs and services. Join Brigid Murphy and Philip Buta as they welcome Mike O’Grady, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Northern Trust to discuss the many ways that Mike, his family and Northern Trust generously collaborate with Catholic Charities to help fulfill the mission of our agency.

2020 Celebration of Giving

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Now in its 73rd year, Catholic Charities Celebration of Giving is one of the most joyful events to happen at Catholic Charities every holiday season. Last year, 25,000 gifts were provided to those who would otherwise have nothing to open on Christmas morning. This year, many obstacles exist, but the desire is stronger than ever to make this community-building program a success. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Mark Noetzel and Andrew McKernin to discuss the start of the 2020 Celebration of Giving.


Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Through more than 150 programs at over 170 locations, Catholic Charities serves people in need on a one-to-one basis, allocating staffing and resources to ensure that our guests receive assistance, and have access to professional guidance toward a better life. We occasionally are asked to share what we know with economists who also are working to eradicate poverty. The Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO) at the University of Notre Dame is one of these research labs, and Catholic Charities is tremendously grateful for this partnership, and its significant findings that have been hugely beneficial to our work. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Jim Sullivan and Wendy Avila to discuss how statistics are used to reduce poverty and homelessness on the local, state and national level.


Tuesday, October 6, 2020
In Fiscal Year 2018, over 17, 000 reports of abuse were made in the state of Illinois involving seniors and disabled adults. These include numerous types of abuse, neglect, deprivation, confinement, and financial exploitation. Statistics from Catholic Charities Adult Protective Services are part of this statewide tally. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Bette MacLennan to discuss how Catholic Charities investigates and intervenes, as needed, to assist seniors and disabled adults when abuse concerns are brought to our attention.


Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Opioids are a class of drugs that relieve pain. In Illinois, opioid overdoses have killed nearly 11,000 people since 2008, and the annual total has been increasing every year. The opioid crisis is now being called the most significant public health and public safety crisis in Illinois. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Shavon Parker to discuss Catholic Charities Transforming Lives Program, and the many ways it helps expectant women and mothers of young children who are battling this addiction and working towards their own recovery.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020
In anticipation of Catholic Charities 20th Annual D’Vine Affair, set for January 31, 2021, people throughout Chicagoland are scheduling Virtual Wine-Tasting Parties this fall, courtesy of Louis Glunz Wines, Inc. These are fantastic kickoff events that allow friends and families to have wonderful virtual celebrations while supporting our four Self-Sufficiency programs at the same time. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Joseph Glunz, Jr. and Carla Gutierrez to discuss the Lake County Family Self-Sufficiency Program and how funds from these virtual events are especially important this year


Tuesday, September 15, 2020
In recent years, Pop-Up stores have become a smart and effective way to market goods and services. This year, Catholic Charities administrators have used this concept, and worked with our parish partners to assist those who have been hit especially hard by the pandemic. Join Marie Jochum and Brigid Murphy as they welcome Marilu Gonzalez and Dominic Fejer to discuss how Pop-Up Food Pantries have helped thousands of people provide food for their families during COVID-19.
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