Catholic Chicago

Catholic Chicago is produced by the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office of Radio and Television and is hosted by Todd Williamson, director of the Office for Divine Worship.

Comcast customers who live in Chicago and throughout the suburbs can see Catholic Chicago Sunday at 3 p.m. on CN-100, the Comcast Network (Channel 100). The program also airs Friday at 7 p.m. on Chicago Loop Cable Channel 25.

You can view this show every weekend on local cable stations.

Catholic Chicago: JANUARY 2023

In the January edition of Catholic Chicago, we will be showcasing some of the incredible radio programs that the archdiocese produces.

Catholic Chicago: NOVEMBER 2022

In the October edition of Catholic Chicago, An archbishop who suffered tremendous loss after the bombing in Nagasaki during World War II shares his powerful story, Golden moments in long-lasting marriages. These couples are celebrating a half century together, and students send a message with their feet… as a way to pray for an end to violence in their neighborhood.

Catholic Chicago: SEPTEMBER 2022

In the September 2022 edition of Catholic Chicago, The creative hands of the faithful are helping feed those in need at Our Lady of Sorrows Basillica. Chicago’s Black Catholic Deacons host a Peace Day as the sunrises over Lake Michigan. And a new studio devoted to the sciences helps prepare students for next generation learning.